Business License Fee In Bahrain 2022

Business license fee in Bahrain for the year 2022 remained the same as 2021. Apart from company formation cost, the Annual Business license fee in Bahrain can be divided into three categories

✓ Business License Name Reservation fee: BHD 50.00
✓ Business License Activity Fee: BHD 100.00
✓ BCCI Fee: BHD 16.00

Business License Name Reservation Fee

Every CR in Bahrain is subject to an annual renewal fee that includes only the registration fee. Therefore, the CR renewal fee in Bahrain is BHD 50.000.

Business License Activity Fee

To commence business in Bahrain Activity License is required. Activity license has an annual recurring fee of BHD 100 for the first 3 activities and BHD 100.00 for every next activity. However, there are some exempt activities with zero annual fees. These activities are available with more than 51% Bahraini ownership.


All businesses are subject to the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

BCCI has an annual registration fee of BHD 16.000.

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