Security Clearance Defected

What is Security Clearance for CR?

Security clearance is a procedure adopted by immigration department to check feasibility of a person for entry. This procedure consists of many checks to determine risks involved in granting entry permission. In Kingdom of Bahrain every person applying for CR (Business License) go through security clearance procedure at very first step

Why Security Clearance is Performed?

Most important reasons to preform Security clearance procedure are as following:

  1. To avoid terrorists to enter the country.
  2. To avoid criminals to enter country.
  3. To avoid unsuitable persons for entry.
What are the requirements for Security Clearance?

For security clearance to obtain a business license following are required documents:

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Copy of passport showing previous passport number.
  3. Travel history documents like Visa Copy/Permit of other countries.
  4. Proof of business ownership in other countries.
  5. Education certificates and experience letters.

Further applicant should not have any criminal record specifically in GCC countries.

Why my security clearance is defected?

If you dont have any criminal record and get security clearance defected, check if you are making any of following mistakes:

  1. Poorly scanned passport and other documents
  2. Not providing enough documents proving credibility.

Further state policy and international restrictions also employ on some countries.

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