How to get investor visa in bahrain

Investor Visa in Bahrain

What is Investor Visa in Bahrain:

Kingdom of Bahrain immigration law makes Bahrain Investor visas available to foreign investors owning a business within the Kingdom. Foreign investment benefits the economy through job creation and capital investment. So, in return, Bahrain awards investors with a discrete visa policy.

How to get Investor Visa in Bahrain:

To get an Investor visa in Bahrain, an individual can register a company in Bahrain or purchase shares of an existing company in Bahrain.

Bahrain investor visa has two types:

  1. Businessman
  2. Investor

LMRA Investor visa, often called Businessman visa in Bahrain is issued by LMRA Bahrain after approval from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce & Tourism and NPRA

Who is Eligible for an LMRA Investor visa in Bahrain:

All Foreign investors owning any business in Bahrain are eligible for an LMRA investor visa. There is no restriction on the investment amount. You can obtain an investor visa with an investment of only BHD 1.

Bahrain investor visa requirements:

According to the guidelines by LMRA Bahrain, the following are the requirements for an investor visa in Bahrain:

  1. Copy of Passport.
  2. Copy of Commercial Registration Certificate.
  3. Copy of GAMCA Medical Certificate (In a case out of Bahrain).
  4. Copy of Office Electricity Bill (EWA)
  5. Copy of Commercial Registration Extract.

Upload above mentioned documents in .gif image format. Each file size should not exceed 200 kb.  

bahrain investor visa requirements
key benefits of investor visa in bahrain

Bahrain Investor visa Benefits:

By obtaining an investor visa in Bahrain you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Businessman Status in Bahrain.
  2. Multiple entries without any restrictions.
  3. Easy entry in other gulf countries.

How can I get an Investor visa in Bahrain:

Company formation is the easiest way to obtain a Residence permit in Bahrain. You can get an investor visa in Bahrain by forming a company. Bahrain allows 100% foreign ownership for more than 350 types of businesses. You can set up a WLL Company in Bahrain to obtain an investor visa. We are company formation agents in Bahrain. Our company formation specialists can get you an investor visa in 20-30 working days.

PI Startup Advisory can get you an investor visa in Bahrain by setting up your company