Business Expenses in Bahrain

Business expenses in Bahrain can be divided into the following three categories:
  1. Business License Registration Costs

  2. Business License Renewal Costs.

  3. Business License Operational Costs.

1. Business License Registration Costs:

The first business expense you will incur will be the registration cost. Business license registration cost in Bahrain depends on the registration type, nature of business, and services required for your project. It is very difficult to determine setup costs without knowing the nature of the business. Roughly, registration cost inclusive of all Govt fees and our consultancy fee for a typical CR can range from BHD 800 to BHD 1000.

2. Business License Renewal Costs:

Renewal costs of Business license in Bahrain are as follows:

  1. Commercial Registration fee: BHD 50.
  2. Business Activity License fee: BHD 100*.
  3. BCCI Fee: BHD 20.
  4. The residence permit for the investor costs BHD 172 per year.
  5. Work permits for employees also cost BHD 172 per year.

*Some activities are exempt from activity fees. These activities are available with 51% or more Bahraini ownership

3. Business License Operational Costs:

Operational costs of a business license in Bahrain can be as following:

  1. The first operational cost that you will meet is Office Rent. Office rent starts from BHD 120 in rural areas and BHD 250 in the market. Incubation centers offer a BHD 1000 annual plan for startups.
  2. Electricity cost for an office with 2 air conditioners ranges from BHD 40-65~.
  3. A reasonable receptionist can be hired for BHD 150.
  4. LMRA’s monthly fee is BHD 5.00/month per expat.
  5. Employee Insurance rate is 4% of basic salary.
  6. An Annual Audit is required from the 2nd fiscal year. Its cost depends on annual sales and audit firm. For sales up to 0.5 million, its cost can range from BHD 200 to BHD 500.

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