company formation in bahrain
Manama, Bahrain.

Company Formation in Bahrain - Easy and Fast Processing

7 Simple Steps of Company Formation in Bahrain

Company formation also called company registration in Bahrain is a multistep process and involves the approval of various ministries. Each ministry has its own requirements, and a company has to meet those requirements for successful business registration. Here are the 7 steps involved in company formation in Bahrain:

Step #1: Make Power of Attorney 

The first step in the formation of a company is to execute a power of attorney in favor of our representative. We will apply on your behalf and complete all the procedures. PI Startup Advisory team provides full support to its clients from this step until final approval for the formation of the company.

power of attorney to register company in bahrain

Step #2: Reserve Commercial Name

The next step for company formation is the reservation of the name of the company. PI Startup Advisory team helps its clients choose the appropriate name and applies for its reservation on behalf of the clients. You will be required to submit us 3 proposed commercial names as following:

commercial name reservation in bahrain

Step #3: Register Headoffice of The Company

After the name reservation, the PI Startup Advisory team will apply for the company’s head office approval. It includes approval of office/shop/workshop Incubator commercial address. PI Startup Advisory team helps its clients find the most suitable business place keeping in view the requirements of the business. To register the we require Shop Photos (Pre-Approval, Lease Agreement (After approval) and, EWA (After approval). Samples are as below:

registration of the head office for company formation in bahrain

Step #4: Prepare Memorandum of Company

The most important part of the company formation process is preparing the memorandum of association and Articles of Association. First, the PI Startup Advisory team drafts suitable clauses to meet the specific business structure. Then, the draft memorandum is shared with the clients. Upon their confirmation, the documents are submitted to MOIC for approval and further processing.