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Commercial Registration / CR Renewal Bahrain

CR renewal is mandatory for every commercial business in Bahrain.  Either it is an individual establishment, WLL, Single person company or a Partnership company, it is subject to annual renewal. Renewal fee depends on many factors including Business Activity, Registration type, and Owner’s Nationality.

What are the requirements for the CR renewal in Bahrain:

PI Startup Advisory has the most simple cr renewal procedure in Bahrain. To renew the CR we require CR number only. 

What are CR Renewal Fees in Bahrain:

Business License Fee in Bahrain 2021 sijilat.bh

In Bahrain CR renewal fees for the year 2021 are as follows:

  1. Commercial Registration renewal fee: BHD 50.00
  2. Commercial activity renewal fee: BHD 100.00
  3. Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry registration renewal fee: BHD 16.00

Last updated: 24-10-2021

Why I am not able to renew my CR?

violation on cr (CR renewal bahrain)

The Ministry of Industry & Commerce Bahrain can deny CR renewal service for any business due to several reasons. Common reasons are as follows:

  1. UBO Registration is pending.
  2. An Audited financial report should be submitted.
  3. Violation of CR. 
Solution: Submit the form below for Violation removal or UBO registration. We will assist you in Violation removal and UBO registration, resultantly you will be able to renew your CR.

Renew CR Deleted By Law

cr deleted by law (cr renewal bahrain)

CR is Deleted by law when it is not renewed before the expiration date. To avoid Deletion by Law renew the CR before its expiry date. 

Generally, CRs get deleted by law when CR owners are not able to renew because of an active violation on the CR. As discussed above violations block the CR renewal service.

Solution: Don’t Worry! PI Startup Advisory can help you activate a CR Deleted By Law. Kindly fill the form at the bottom of this page to renew CR Deleted by Law:

Can you renew a CR online in Bahrain?

Yes, you can renew CR online in Bahrain. Please fill the form below and submit for online renewal of your CR:

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