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Register SEO Company in Bahrain

To register an SEO company in Bahrain following are the requirements:

  1. Passport Copies
  2. Office Agreement & Electric connection.
  3. Capital Deposit.
  4. Age Above 18

This business includes online SEO, Marketing and following advertising activities:

– Management of Websites.
– creating and placing advertising in Internet and other media
– Media representation, i.e. sale of time and space for various media soliciting advertising
– Aerial advertising
– Conducting marketing campaigns and other advertising services aimed at attracting and retaining customers:
   > Promotion of products
   > Point-of-sale marketing
   > Direct mail advertising
   > marketing consulting

Possible types of an SEO Company in Bahrain

Individual Establishment:

SEO Company can be registered as an Individual Establishment. Individual Establishment in Bahrain is similar to Sole Proprietorship in other countries. The sole owner is responsible for all liabilities of the business. Business is not considered a separate entity from the owner. This type of businesses can only be owned by a Bahraini national or a GCC national.

With Limited Liability (WLL):

Most of the SEO companies in Bahrain are registered as WLL. WLL is the most famous type of the company in Bahrain. It is similar has similar features as an LLC in other countries. Following are some features of a WLL company:

  1. There is no restriction for number of partners.
  2. There is no minimum capital restriction.
  3. WLL is governed by The Commercial Companies Law DECREE LAW NO. (21) OF 2001 PROMULGATING.
  4. Unlike Individual Establishment, the liability of the shareholder is limited to the extent of investment.
  5. Company is considered separate from the owner.
  6. Amount, type and currency of the capital is declared in public along percentage of the ownership of each shareholder.
  7. Directors of the company are nominated.
  8. Annual audited financial reports are submitted to MOICT every year (1st year is exempt).
  9. This type of business can also be owned by other nationalities as well depending on business activity.
  10. It allows investor visas (Residence Permit) to its shareholders.

Bahraini Partnership Company

It is similar to general partnership in other countries. To form a Bahraini Partnership Company there should be at least 2 shareholders whose liabilities will be unlimited to the extent of their personal belongings. This type of company also has to declare its representatives. This type of CR can be 100% foreign-owned depending on business activities.

Simple commandite company

Simple commandite company is similar to Limited Partnership. This partnership consists of one or more silent partners and one or more managing partners. Silent partner’s enjoy limited liability but they cannot interfere in management decisions. Managing partners share full liability to the extent of their personal belongings. Managing partners can interfere in any management decision or company operation. Remaining features are similar to Bahraini Partnership Company.

Our SEO Company Registration Procedure

PI Startup Advisory is specialized in startup consultancy and company formation. Get our corporate services for company formation in Bahrain. Get your CR in following steps:

1. Power of Attorney
At very first step client will give power of attorney to a representative of PI Business Solutions to register business in Bahrain. If the investor is in Bahrain Power of Attorney can be made at public or any private notary. In case you are out of Bahrain, you can make power of attorney from your home country. If your country is Hague Apostille Member also get apostille stamp from foreign office.
2. CR Name Reservation.
We will require three proposed commercial names at this step. We will submit a request to MOICT to reserve commercial and trade name for you. 
3. Municipality Approval
At this step we will require an office/shop/workshop commercial address where companies head office shall be situated. As a proof of address Shop Pictures, Tenancy Agreement Copy and Electricity Bill Copy is required.
4. Memorandum of Company
PI Business Solution will draft memorandum and of association/Articles of Association and submit to MOIC after client’s approval.
5. Notarization
Draft memorandum shall be notarized from a private notary (Urgent) or public notary (Upon appointment)
6. Company Bank Account
PI Business Solutions shall provide client with necessary documents to open bank account and client will visit suitable bank to deposit company capital. Upon deposit bank will issue capital deposit certificate.
7. Final Approval by MOIC
Notarized Memorandum and Bank certificate shall be submitted to MOIC for final approval. Once approved your company is formed.

Who can Own SEO Company in Bahrain:

Bahraini Ownership : Allowed up to 100%
GCC Nationals Ownership : Allowed up to 100%
American Nationals ownership : Allowed up to 100%
Singaporean Nationals ownership : Allowed up to 100%
Icelander, Liechtensteiner, Norwegian, Swiss Nationals ownership : Allowed up to 100%
Foreign ownership : Allowed up to 100%
Allowed for Individual Commercial Registration (ICR) : Yes
Allowed for Company Commercial Registration (CCR) : Yes

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