LMRA – Labour Market Regulatory Authority | A Brief Overview

History of LMRA:

LMRA stands for Labour Market Regulatory Authority. Since Bahrain is an ex-pat hub, regulation was very necessary to ensure the best practices. Considering the diversed demographical & social environment of the labour market, his majesty King Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa introduces Labour Market Authority with  Act No. 19 in 2006.

Responsibilities of LMRA :

Labour Market Regulatory Authority is responsible for the implementation of 
Labour Law Bahrain.
In doing so LMRA supervises the following areas:

1. Issuance of Resident Permits:

LMRA Bahrain is responsible for the issuance of resident permits of following categories:

2. Regulating Labour Market:

Since the core objective of LMRA is to regulate the labour market, LMRA ensures best practices of labour market in the following ways:

  • Public awareness campaigns.
  • Inspection campaigns.

LMRA regularly run Public Awareness campaigns through different channels such as Press conferences Newspaper, social media and website. The motive behind such a campaign is to bring awareness to the public about labour law and the latest legislation.

Having employees without a valid work permit is a punishable offense in Bahrain which leads to a penalty not less than BHD 1000. LMRA conducts the inspection campaign to ensure compliance of businesses with Labour Law.

3. Licensing

This public authority is also responsible for issuing licenses to the following businesses:

  • Manpower Agencies
  • Employment Offices.