List of CR activities allowed for Sijili registration

Business Activity NameISIC4 CodeActivity Status
Manufacture of textiles – Workshop13Not Restricted
Apparel Tailoring Activities14104Not Restricted
Sale/Trade of souvenirs, craft work, religious articles, stamps and coins; Activities of commercial art galleries47736Not Restricted
Sale/Trade of souvenirs, craft work, religious articles, stamps and coins; Activities of commercial art galleries – Crafts activities47736Not Restricted
Retail sale via Internet4791Not Restricted
Software publishing582Not Restricted
Motion picture, video and television programme activities591Not Restricted
Sound recording and music publishing activities592Not Restricted
Computer programming activities6201Not Restricted
Computer Consultancy and computer facilities management activities6202Not Restricted
Data processing, hosting and related activities6311Not Restricted
Operations of eMarketplaces / websites / web portals6312Not Restricted
Management consultancy activities702Not Restricted
Public Relations70209Not Restricted
Fashion Design741010Not Restricted
Jewellery Design741011Not Restricted
Interior Decoration74102Not Restricted
Graphic Design74103Not Restricted
Other Specialized Design Activities74109Not Restricted
Photographic activities742Not Restricted
Chef7490901Not Restricted
Landscape care and maintenance service activities813Not Restricted
Packaging activities – Packaging of Food8292Not Restricted
Packaging activities – Packaging of Cosmetics or herbs8292Not Restricted
Other business support service activities8299Not Restricted
Other business support service activities – Clearance of Government Transactions8299Not Restricted
Sports Instruction (baseball, basketball, cricket, football, swimming, or any sports Instruction activity not specified elsewhere)854101Not Restricted
Horse Riding Instruction854103Not Restricted
Martial Arts Instruction854105Not Restricted
Fitness/ Yoga Instruction854106Not Restricted
Performing arts/ drama school85421Not Restricted
Design of Training Programs854953Not Restricted
Other education85499Not Restricted
Translation and interpretation74901Not Restricted
Production of live theatrical presentations and other stage productions90001Not Restricted
Activities of sculptors, painters, cartoonists, etc.90003Not Restricted
Activities of producers or promoters of sports events931901Not Restricted
Repair of footwear and leather goods9523Not Restricted
Repair of other personal and household goods9529Not Restricted
Washing and (dry-) cleaning of textile and fur products9601Not Restricted
Ironing of textiles and fur products960111Not Restricted
Personal Events Planners960991Not Restricted