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IT Services Business in Bahrain


This type of business activity includes:
– writing, modifying, testing and supporting of software.
– designing the structure and content of, and/or writing the computer code necessary to create and implement: systems, software applications, databases, web pages
– customizing of software, i.e. modifying and configuring an existing application so that it is functional within the clients’ information system environment.
– Planning and designing of computer systems that integrate computer hardware, soft-ware and communication technologies
The units classified in this class may provide the hardware and software components of the system as part of their integrated services or these components may be provided by third parties or vendors. The units classified in this class often install the system and train and support the users of the system.
This activity also includes:
—Provision of on-site management and operation of clients’ computer systems and/or data processing facilities, as well as related support services
– Web hosting
– Streaming services
– Application hosting
– Application service provisioning
– General time share provision of mainframe facilities to clients
– Complete processing of data supplied by clients
– Generation of specialized reports from data supplied by clients
– Provision of data entry services

Who can own 100%

All nationalities are welcomed to own this type of business without a Bahraini sponsor.


To establish a business consultancy firm following are key requirements:

  • Office address

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