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Power of Attorney to Register Company in Bahrain

Power of Attorney is the first step toward company formation in Bahrain. One of the shareholders of the company appoints our representative as a Power of Attorney. 

Following are the steps to prepare a power of attorney to register a company in Bahrain:

Step#1: Obtain the Right Draft:

The client will share a copy of their passport with our representative and our representative will prepare a draft of power of attorney. Once our representative shares the draft with you, make sure that all the details are accurate.  

Step#2: Visit the notary:

Visit a public or private notary near you. Present this draft to your notary. The notary will ask you for your passport and the passport copy of our representative. After preparing the Power of Attorney document the notary will ask you to review the document. Please make sure your all details are accurate. Now you can sign the power of attorney in front of the notary.

Once the Power of Attorney is notarized by the notary you can share a scanned copy with us. We will use it for initial processing. 

Step#3: Attestation:

The attestation of the power of attorney can be done in 2 ways. Apostille Attestation and Embassy of Bahrain Attestation.

A. Apostille Attestation:

If your country is a participant of the Apostille Convention we highly recommend you to attest your power of attorney through Apostille. The procedure is simple. Once you have notarized the Power of Attorney, send this document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the same country for Apostille. They will put an apostille stamp on it and return it to you. 

B. Embassy of Bahrain Attestation:

If your country is not a participant of the Apostille Convention you can get the attestation done through the Embassy of Bahrain. First, you will get the Notarized Power of Attorney attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the same country, then you can get it attested from the Embassy of Bahrain in the same country. 

In case your country is not a participant of the Apostille Convention and the Embassy of Bahrain is also not present in your country, contact us and our team will guide the procedure.