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Business in Bahrains For Expats

Here is all you want to know about business in Bahrain for expats. The Kingdom of Bahrain is located in the Middle East, an archipelago in the Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain has the most favorable environment in Gulf for Expats and investors. According to InterNations Expat Insider 2021 survey, Bahrain is the best place to live for Expats.
Thriving Island Nation

12 Business Opportunities in Bahrain for the expats in 2021

Small opportunities are often the great beginning of great achievements. Following are the 12 business opportunities in Bahrain for the expats
  • Management Consultancy
  • Audit firm
  • Advertising
  • SEO Services
  • Business Automation & IT Solutions
  • Financial Advisory
  • Safety Training
  • Pharmacy
  • Networking
  • Sale/Trade of Medical equipment. (49% Foreign Ownership Allowed)
  • Sale/Trade of networking equipment.(49% Foreign Ownership Allowed)
  • Sale/Trade of safety & security systems.(49% Foreign Ownership Allowed)

Ownership Rights
For Expats

Unlike most Gulf countries Bahrain allows 100% business ownership to ex-pats. There are more than 350 types of business that foreigners can own 100% in Bahrain without any local sponsor. This distinct policy provides you with freedom of choice and investment security. Find below table showing number of business activities allowed for 100% foreign ownership.

100% Business Ownership

Nationality No. Business Activities
All Nationalities 375
American 557
Singaporean 387
Icelander 401
Liechtensteiner 401
Norwegian 401
Swiss 401
GCC 566

Ease of Doing Business in Bahrain for Expats

Bahrain ranked 1st globally for work/life balance and 1st in MENA for personal happiness, regarded highly for its job opportunities, career satisfaction rates, and its friendly culture – noted for being the world’s second easiest place to settle in. Every year Government of Bahrain launches multibillion dinars support programs for startups and businesses in Bahrain. Expats can also take benefit from these multibillion grants.

Type of Business Licenses in Bahrain for the expats With Limited Liability (WLL)

WLL is the most famous type of company in Bahrain. It is similar has similar features as an LLC in other countries. Following are some features of a WLL company.

  • There is no restriction for number of partners.
  • There is no minimum capital restriction.
  • WLL is governed by The Commercial Companies Law DECREE LAW NO. (21) OF 2001 PROMULGATING.
  • Unlike Individual Establishment, the liability of the shareholder is limited to the extent of investment.
  • The company is considered separate from the owner.
  • The amount, type, and currency of the capital are declared in public along with percentage of the ownership of each shareholder.
  • Directors of the company are nominated.
  • Annual audited financial reports are submitted to MOICT every year (1st year is exempt).
  • This type of business can also be owned by other nationalities as well depending on business activity.
  • It allows investor visas (Residence Permit) to its shareholders.

Note: Single Person Companies (SPC) registration type has been canceled. All existing SPC’s are converted to WLL.

Bahraini Partnership Company

It is similar to general partnerships in other countries. To form a Bahraini Partnership Company there should be at least 2 shareholders whose liabilities will be unlimited to the extent of their personal belongings. This type of company also has to declare its representatives. This type of CR can be 100% foreign-owned depending on business activities. Bahraini Partnership company offers Investor visas to its shareholders.

Simple commandite company

Simple commandite company is similar to Limited Partnership. This partnership consists of one or more silent partners and one or more managing partners. Silent partners enjoy limited liability but they cannot interfere in management decisions. Managing partners share full liability to the extent of their personal belongings. Managing partners can interfere in any management decision or company operation. The remaining features are similar to the Bahraini Partnership Company.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can foreigners own businesses in Bahrain?

Yes, Foreigners can own services-related businesses in Bahrain without a local sponsor. As per new legislation, only 1% Bahraini ownership is required for the trade sector. Click here to read more about the new legislation.

How can I get an investor visa in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain awards all investors with an investor resident permit.

What are the business opportunities in Bahrain for expats?

Following are the major business opportunities in Bahrain for expats / foreign investors:

  1. Management Consultancy
  2. Audit firm
  3. Advertising
  4. SEO Services
  5. Business Automation & IT Solutions
  6. Financial Advisory
  7. Safety Training
  8. Pharmacy
  9. Networking
Will I get family visa by setting up business in Bahrain?

Yes, Investors in Bahrain can obtain visas for their dependents.

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