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Amendments in the CR - Bahrain

After company formation in Bahrain, it is possible to change the specifications of the CR. The CR owners may decide to Change the partners, business activity, office address or company period. Each amendment has its own requirements. In this article, we will discuss the possible amendments and their requirements. Following are the possible amendments to a CR:


To change the specifications of a CR in Bahrain followings can be the requirements:

  1. Resolution
  2. Amendment to the Memorandum
  3. Share Sale Agreement
  4. Newspaper Advertisement. 

1. Resolution:

Each amendment requires a resolution on the company’s letterhead. If the decision is related to changing the partners then owners of the company shall sign the resolution. Other matters can be signed by the directors of the company. 

Resolution cr amendment change partne change name

2. Amendment to the Memorandum:

If the change in CR affects any article of the Memorandum of Association, an Amendment shall be signed at the notary. The amendment shall  be notarized in the following cases:

  1. Change of Partner 
  2. Transfer of Shares
  3. Change of Business Activity
  4. Change of Capital
  5. Change of Company Name
  6. Change of Company Period
  7. Change in any article of the Memorandum of Association
Amendment to the memorandum of association change partner change name

3. Share Sale Agreement:

The share sale agreement is required when 1 partner in the CR transfers his shares to the other partner or anyone else. 

sale of shares agreement

4. Newspaper Advertisement:

Newspaper advertisement is required in the following cases:

  1. Change of Commercial name of the company.
  2. Converting an Individual Establishment to WLL
  3. CR Liquidation